Paid SEO vs Organic SEO

What is Paid SEO (SEM) and Organic SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. To put it simply, search engine optimization is the process of setting up your own website in a way such that it is easy to find it on Google. It is the practice of improving your website to increase its online visibility in search results. It is advisable to optimize your website regularly in order to secure a position in the web’s top search engines. It helps a business to grow and flourish.

Here’s How it Works-

The search engine gathers all the relevant information about the content available online and then ranks them in order of their quality and relevance. It is a type of digital marketing technique. The search algorithm helps websites to be found by search engines through the words related to the website’s offerings. It ranks the website according to the required search results. It is a complex process and involves many factors.

Types of SEO Strategy-

There are mainly two types of SEO strategies. These are mentioned below.

  • Paid Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization

What is Paid SEO?

Paid Search Engine Optimization is commonly known as SEM (search engine marketing). It is a branch of internet marketing that emphasizes on showing your website’s name amongst the top search results of the search engine. Here you buy links from other websites for ranking in the search history by paying money to them. Basically these are paid advertisements. Paid search allows you to pay in order to display your website on the search results page of the search engine based on the specific keywords entered by the user. These are the add results which appear on the top of the search results.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating links for your website to obtain a high position in the search engine’s results page, without paying any charge. As the name suggests, these are natural search results that best match the user’s search. Organic search is based on unpaid, natural rankings allotted by search engine algorithms. Using search engine optimization on a regular basis influences organic search results. These are completely based on the quality and content of the website.

What is the Difference between Paid SEO and Organic SEO?

Paid SEO helps in gathering the attention of the visitors for your website speedily. On the other hand, organic SEO gathers visitors to your website in a slow and steady manner. Paid SEO focuses on paid rankings while organic SEO focuses on unpaid rankings. Paid SEO gives quick results but it is not long lasting. Organic SEO is a time taking procedure but the results are long lasting.

Paid SEO is an easy process whereas organic SEO is a complicated process. Paid SEO is a costly process. In comparison, organic SEO is a cost-effective option.
Paid search allows users to pay for securing a position in the search results. Coming to organic search, here companies use search engine optimization techniques to increase the visibility of your website in the search results.
Results of a paid SEO are clearly distinguishable and easy to identify from the results of an organic SEO. Paid ones are either placed at the top of the organic results or at their bottom. They are usually placed in a shaded background or other visual effects. Organic ones occupy the central area of the search results page.
Organic search results are considered more credible than paid search results. The former is a source of much more reliable and relevant information than the latter although organic SEO requires more time and resources when compared to a paid SEO.

Nowadays there are many companies that provide search engine optimization services. You can search it online and choose the best and most reliable one.

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