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Get enough scope and exposure for your press release by connecting with leading journalists and reporters. We help distribute your press release to more than 450+ magazines, media and news outlets.


A One-Stop PR Distribution Service Provider in India to Increase and Media Presence

Are you struggling to take your brand, products, and services to the targeted audiences? Does your press release not get enough attention? Well! You are putting the effort in the wrong direction. Try to seek assistance from the press release distribution professionals at Cross Graphic Ideas.

Our professional PR team helps build your brand and grows your business to stand out in the competition. Being the reliable press release distribution agency in Jaipur India, we submit your press release to the leading online, electronic media and print platforms. So, your brand will get genuine media exposure and coverage.

Apart from PR distribution service, we aid many businesses in enhancing their marketing and planning their press release campaigns. We also render professional content writing and SEO service.

Our Major Press Release Services

The best press release campaigns are backed up with a concise and clear PR strategy. It helps the brand to boost its online presence immensely. Our PR strategy services assist in determining what, where, why, when and who is behind your PR activity. By knowing your business and industry in-depth, our PR team will create the strategy effectively.

Publish your press releases on 450+ media and news platforms to get a perfect boost to your business growth. We help your press releases syndicate to our vast network of media outlets, search engines, sites and social media networks. You can get news and media journalists through our premium PR distribution service.

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You no longer worry about not creating the best press release because we are here to help. Our experts know how to create, send and post press releases to reach wider audiences. Whether you launch new products or announce service improvements, we make top-quality press releases.

We have experience handling various types of press releases such as an event, post-release, corporate news and company news. You can quickly attract media attention and reach massive audiences with a PR distribution service.

Where do we post the press release?

Apart from creating quality press releases, we help you to post them on well-indexed websites and social media platforms. We have massive contact with the leading media and industry portals. So, we post your company's press release on different platforms to get the best reach.

We guarantee the release of press releases on at least 450 platforms, including news sites and magazines. Our team will ensure that your press release will distribute to the concerned publications and journalists.

Benefits of the press release distribution

  • Inexpensive and affordable services to boost the company's presence
  • Ease of drawing attention from new publications and journalists
  • Build credibility for your company
  • Boosting SEO and generating more leads

Leading PR Service

Get enough scope and exposure for your press release by connecting with journalists who have a specialism in relevant industry topics.

Need the best PR serviceto reach a wider audience?

We know the basic expectation of today's companies, and thus we provide customized press release distribution services to meet the clients' needs and budgets. We treat all the clients equally to make their brand successful and reach the targeted audiences effortlessly. Contact us today to obtain the custom quote!

Frequently AskedQuestions

Press release distribution service is an important marketing tool in the business landscape today. Business owners rely on press release distribution services to manage their digital presence. It is a good choice for a business of any size and type to send a press release to a huge number of online news publications, business magazines, trade journals, media outlets, bloggers, journalists, and a lot more.

Such a type of service comes with a strong distribution strategy to allow customers to understand who you are and what to do. You can take pleasure from stunning brand recognition, build credibility and reach a potential audience.

In the present scenario, many service providers offer press release distribution to businesses. You can craft a perfect story and make your business different from others. You can follow important things to get PR distribution. You need to find journalists interested in a press release.

Business owners acquire the right plan at the best cost. Once you access distribution, it is easy to send PR to different media channels, from print and TV to social media, and handle distribution by location or industry.

Business owners can distribute press releases in a number of ways. The best option to enhance the chance PR will cover by media is to maintain compelling and well-written content. The expert distribution team provides simple tips to distribute the story effectively.

In this way, you can reach the desired audience and boost follow-up. Best distribution partner sends PR to different media and boosts press coverage. A press release can view by lots of outlets when using a press release distribution service. Distribution service helps owners ensure good exposure.

When choosing a PR distribution service, it is necessary to consider features, price, review, and rating. You can opt for the best one that is value for the price. Business owners use popular PR distribution services like.

  • Newswire
  • EIN presswire
  • PR distribution
  • Issuewire
  • Releases
  • PRWeb

Press release allows business gets publicity and reaches a huge audience. Small and large-sized businesses gain immense benefits from PR distribution services. It is effective means of boosting online visibility, brand engagement, and audience acquisition.

When deciding to distribute PR, you must consider the cost of sending PR. Factors such as membership and price add-ons determine how much you pay. The price guide gives you a better idea about how the distribution service provider will cost you to send a story.

It is essential to understand the significant costs involved in sending a story like annual membership, word count, outlet included, additional words, logo, multimedia inclusions, and others. The service provider fixes the price range based on different factors like the target market locally or nationally.

Choosing the best distribution platform is a major aspect for many business owners. The press release is an important thing to help a brand gain immense exposure and a positive reputation in the market. You have a great chance to secure a better ranking on the search engine result page. Business owners opt for different platforms for distribution services like

  • Sitetrail
  • Linking news
  • PRWeb
  • Globe newswire
  • PR newswire
  • Business wire
  • 24-7 press release and a lot more

Press release distribution plays an important role in effectively building brand image, reputation, and awareness.

Press release distribution is an important form of media to develop good reputation management, content marketing, and brand exposure. Big corporations and small businesses take huge benefits from press release distribution services. Business owners can voice in the market through PR distribution services.

Service provider aids business in understanding media contacts and journalists and syndicate story to several media. It is the best solution for businesses to manage good connections with bloggers, influencers, and social networks. The distribution partner is responsible for maximizing return on investment.

Press release distribution service is very helpful in different businesses. PR distribution service provider brings peace of mind to business owners and implements the right strategy to maximize media exposure. Press release gains a good level of media traction. You can use the right service and make sure good reach.

Attain media traction depends on several things like the effectiveness of the media site, optimizing the story for the relevant search term, and media sites requiring a press release. You can use service in the right way and discover a positive impact on brand perception and credibility to the business.

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