• Using our (CrossGraphicIdeas®) services is subjected to the standard TERMS AND CONDITIONS for Web Designing and Development. The following terms apply to all contracts and projects undertaken by CrossGraphicIdeas® for its clients
  • We request you to please read our terms carefully.
  • If you have visited and used this website/webpage then you have accepted our TERMS AND CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY.
  • CrossGraphicIdeas® reserves the sole right to make any changes in these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy according to business requirement. Feel free to ask us anytime if we have made any new terms and conditions and we will be more than happy to provide you with all the information and details.
  • The company has the right to terminate services of any client who have purchased our (CrossGraphicIdeas®) services for their wrongful/unlawful position.
  • The rules and regulations are applicable to anyone who is visiting this website.
  • The delivery of the first product or page is based on the price and delivery time discussed at the time of placing the order. Every additional page will take another 3 to 8 working hours based on the price and delivery time discussed during the task.
  • Our expert team is available for you from Monday to Friday at 11:00 AM – 20:00 PM IST.
  • CrossGraphicIdeas® will make every effort to complete your project/changes in the given timeline. However, reasonable delays are accepted if the plan is redefined or modified.
  • The costs for additional markup options are discounted by straight 50% for inner pages.
  • Improper or lack of communication may lead to project delay. We request you to maintain proper communication and let us know about your idea or plan in advance before we start to work on your project and to avoid the delay in delivery.
  • If any complication arises, the client is requested to inform us as soon as possible (preferably in advance).
  • We run our business in good faith and strongly believe our clients to reveal the full details and information at the time of placing an order. Any discrepancy/loss occurs due to lack of requirement or communication will not be borne by CrossGraphicIdeas®.
  • When we design a page, we develop a dummy page and the material that we put on the site is taken from Google. If anything is chargeable then the clients have to pay for it.
  • Charges may be applicable according to the need or on the basis of total work done according to an hourly basis.


Standard price for per page during the task will not be applicable and additional charges would apply in the following cases:
  • When there is the possibility of heavy use of JavaScript on the page.
  • When there is a heavy use of Ajax.
  • The height of the page is more than the standard height which is 768px.
  • Heavy use of PNG images in the designing process.
  • If the CSS3 conversion is in need.

Customer orders

The Customer ordering for any of the available services must pay 50 Percent for the Service in advance. It can be done through any means of the payment methods provided by our company.

The customers will be asked to make payment for the selected package. We will email the Customer a receipt for the transactions in which the Customer is involved and provide the Customer with all the information required to start the design process.


If the customer is not satisfied with the concepts provided by our company, Client may request a refund but not the entire amount will be refunded. The time, effort, and services will cost you and accordingly the refund will be processed.

The customer will have to respect the efforts provided by our team and they will have no right on the concepts shared by our professionals.

If you have approved the design, we will not provide any refund whatsoever. Your approval will represent acceptance and implicit statement of satisfaction. If you have not communicated with us for more than 7 days regarding any kind of issue, any refunds will be at the rejected straightaway.

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