How to Conduct SWOT Analysis Using PowerPoint: 7 SWOT PowerPoint Templates

Conducting a comprehensive SWOT analysis isn’t an easy task. It takes not only examining your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats but also organizing the information and conveying it persuasively.

Four steps of SWOT analysis

Research the market
Before writing a SWOT analysis of your own company, you need to delve into examining what your competitors are doing. Take some time to conduct market research, it will undoubtedly help in perspective.

List your business strengths and weaknesses
Write everything that comes to your mind. You should think of all strengths and weaknesses no matter how small they are. The bigger your list, the better.

List potential opportunities and threats
At this stage of the analysis, you should take time to think about possible external opportunities and threats to your business. You can list such opportunities as financial resources, new technologies, and programs. Whereas the threats can include broad economic uncertainty and legal liability.

Gather all your information in a presentation

During SWOT preparation, one of the problems that can arise is the lack of visual tools in available PowerPoint presentations. Under such circumstances, you have two options: to spend time creating all tables and graphics yourself or to use ready-made SWOT presentations from MasterBundles or any other marketplace with ready-made goodies for graphic designers.

The importance of using charts and tables for increasing engagement in SWOT presentations

According to psychological research on human behavior, 65% of people are visual learners. That means that when we convey our information through tables and charts people get it better. And all of us know that a full understanding leads to convincing.
Using different graphs and pictorial diagrams in your PowerPoint presentation increases interaction and as a result, people become more engaged.
Let’s compare these two presentation slides, which of these conveys information more easily?

Everyone agrees with the fact that the first presentation presents the same information more interestingly and makes the audience focus their attention.
However, creating visually friendly presentations takes much time.
However, creating visually friendly presentations takes much time.

If you are looking for a place where you can find ready-made SWOT presentation templates, you can find them by following this link

Millions of text lines are an absolute disaster for any powerful presentation.

Take a look at SWOT PowerPoint themes as all of them are provided with 3D diagrams, charts, and simple flat.

7 SWOT PowerPoint templates that will empower your performance

SWOT Animated Infographics

This template includes 50 animated SWOT mix infographics which you can in your presentation. Its benefit is that slides are fully animated and all text is editable. Both dark and light backgrounds are included alongside 5 different colours of visual tools.

Education & Science Infographic PPT

If your business field goes in hand with education, you have found a great option. This template is both thematic and full of colourful diagrams. All the charts and fonts are editable so you have no boundaries and can convert your information and analysis into visually appealing diagrams.

Business Infographics: PPT, PPTX, KEY, PSD, EPS And AI

Are you bored with the usual black-and-white business presentations? Then try out this one and you will see how coloured charts brighten your performance. You will find a bunch of vivid elements here. Everything is easy to use and edit.

Purple SWOT Presentation: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

This professional template design has 3-D shapes and different coloured icons that appeal to the audience. These visual tools will help you to support your message and make performance more convenient.

Green SWOT Presentation: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides Even though SWOT conveys important messages and deep analysis it can still be performed in a soothing color. Green will be a good choice as it symbolizes harmony and peace. This template includes 5 color schemes and is fully editable.
Blue SWOT Presentation: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides One more color of the presentation that comes alongside green is blue. Thanks to its tone this template will add a sense of stability and reliability to your performance. As most of the presentations available on Master Bundles, this one includes visual tools such as numerous diagrams, charts, and 50 slides.

SWOT Urban Fashion Presentation: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

Do you want to add a drop of cheerfulness or optimism to your SWOT analysis so it would not be so terrifying and serious? So use vivid tables in yellow color. This template also has high-quality images, graphs, and animations that can liven things up, especially if the information is dry.

Wrapping it up

No matter how you use SWOT analysis, you need to perform it in a proper visual way. Remember that your presentation can be not aid but a foe if it is misused.
Get everything out of your performance using minimum text, but more images, icons, or graphs instead.
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