10 Best NFT Marketplaces for Listing, Buying and Selling Digital Assets

Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs have taken the digital market by storm, especially during the pandemic digital creators have found solace in NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

NFTs, help people sell or buy digital items, including music, art, photographs and anything and everything digital. This has opened an all-new dimension for many of us. The pandemic has forced many to go digital from hand in hand business; in that case, NFTs can be said to be boons for many. They not only protect people’s original work but also monetise them and help the collectors to purchase them too. We have curated the ten best marketplaces for NFTs.

1. Opensea: It is undoubtedly the largest and the most established NFT marketplace of all time. It deals in art, music, collectables, sports, virtual worlds, photography and much more. It is pretty easy to use; you can create your account on OpenSea for free, it offers a user-friendly interface. So, create your account and start selling and buying. Another plus point of this site is that it is a gas-free NFT marketplace with cross-blockchain support, and since it supports polygon cryptocurrency, the user does not have to pay any fee while trading.

2. Nifty Gateway: It is supported by the Ethereum blockchain which is backed by Gemini. It is where the world’s two most expensive NFTs were sold, Beeple’s CROSSROAD and Pak’s The Mergein 2021’s December. It is hands-down one of the popular choices for celebrity NFTs. Still, it also attracts beginners as it allows collectors to buy NFTs using Fiat, a government-issued currency.

3. Rarible: It also deals in art, photography, and games. The first and foremost reason to choose this marketplace is you are getting three blockchains, the second is community-owned, and lastly, it offers low carbon and gas fees. It mainly attracts sports, gaming and media brands and partnered with big-shot brands like Adobe.

4. Binance NFT: It deals in any kind of thing. It is supported by BSC and ETH. It has about one per cent of fees. It helps cash out using Fiat. It has its own blockchain. It also deals using Binance tokens, which make trade easier.

5. SuperRare: SupeRare is the NFT platform with an art gallery impression; it deals with digital art and is supported by Ethereum. It provides curated and rare artworks. The interface offers a fine gallery feel, and it also has a great editorial blog. It’s an artistic marketplace that value art and puts credibility and artistic intent above all.

6. Async Art: Async Art is considered to be a leader in programmable art, no need to mention that it deals in only programmable art. The blockchain support of Async Art is Ethereum. The reason to choose this marketplace is that it offers forward-looking digital art, supports multiple creators and owners, lastly, Blueprints, which allows artists several opportunities.

7. MarkersPlace: It deals in commercial and fine arts blockchain support of Ethereum. It is known for authenticity as it allows buyers to purchase from established artists; it offers a good blend of impressive art and scarce NFTS as well. Here the artists digitally sign their creation, so if somebody wrongfully downloads or copies an art form, that will not carry the original artist’s signature.

8. KnownOrigin: It supports high-quality art and limited run drops, art and photography. It is Ethereum supported. It offers limited NFT drops curated NFT editions, and it is one of the easy to use marketplaces. It hosts timed released events called drops, where they offer rare and collectable artworks.

9. Foundation: It is an artist-run marketplace offering you rare and exclusive projects. It deals in fine art, digital art, photography and 3D art. The blockchain support it has is of Ethereum. Like few other marketplaces, it offers curated and limited NFTs, and it has some of the best high-quality art and projects.

10. Mintable: It’s relatively newer than the other marketplaces, but it is pretty easy to use. It deals in art, music, animation, video, games, and media. It is supported by two blockchains that are Ethereum and immutable. It is straightforward to use, offers various NFTs, and provides free Mintable University courses. It is considered the Etsy of the marketplaces and very easy to use.

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