11 Most Recommended Graphic Design Tools

The top graphic design tools are convenient for helping designers create professional-quality designs and are intended to make the design process easier.

Although it is the artist’s mind that remains to be the most powerful tool to create, contemporary graphic design tools are just as indispensable. Modern graphic designers have to know which tools for graphic design to use to effectively come up with good designs. Being adept at using advanced technology is the only way to stay competitive and competent in creating visual art.

The tools for graphic design continue to evolve fast. The audience, on the other hand, also expects more from graphic designers. Designers must update their skills and always be ready in this digital age.

Just like musicians has to choose their instruments well to create lovely music, designers also need the best tools for graphic design to produce compelling visuals. There are a lot of sophisticated graphic design tools out there. It is a must to be proficient at using this wide array of tools so that you can create designs faster, easier, and with a lot of impacts.

11 Graphic Design Tools for Graphic Designers

There are lots of tools to choose from but this list of graphic design tools is guaranteed to unleash your creativity to its optimum level and produce one-of-a-kind visual experiences

1. Kittl.com: helps you create beautiful designs quickly


Like a magical tool, Kittl has everything that an artist needs to create stunning graphics fast and easily. It is a next-generation design platform that has features for precision editing and loads of high-quality professional templates for a faster creation process.

Why do users love this graphic design tool?

What makes Kittl a favorite among designers is that it has tons of features that can help speed up workflows. The thousands of professional design templates, for example, make design creation a breeze. You only need to add a few customizations and you have a remarkable output that will be great for any use.

Some of the outstanding features of Kittl include advanced text editing, magic recoloring, innovative texture clipping, award-winning fonts, a built-in illustration library, and direct access to thousands of photos, icons, textures, and more.
Kittl offers a tiered plan for its subscribers. The Pro plan is priced at $10 per month, billed annually, and is perfect for those who need access to vector files and advanced editing tools. The Expert plan at $24 is recommended for professionals who want to create stunning designs without limits. Teams that require a powerful graphic engine to increase productivity have the Business plan at $79 a month and is specially designed for their needs.
Some of the outstanding features of Kittl include advanced text editing, magic recoloring, innovative texture clipping, award-winning fonts, a built-in illustration library, and direct access to thousands of photos, icons, textures, and more.

2. Removal.AI: removes backgrounds from images in seconds

Removal.AI is a powerful photo background remover that is powered by AI technology. It uses advanced algorithms to separate the foreground from the background to prepare images for visual presentations, product catalogs, and other graphics.

Why do users love this tool?

Because of artificial intelligence, the only input needed to make Removal.AI work is uploading photos. This is a game changer for designers who have a lot of things to do and cannot manually do the background removal for their images. The tool also guaranteed neat and smooth cutout edges which makes it perfect for preparing product images that need to be uploaded to online shops.
Aside from being a reliable background remover, Removal.AI can also handle photo editing. It has a built-in image editor tool where you can enhance photos or add a new background after removal. It also allows batch image background removal which is great if you have hundreds of photos to process.
Removal.AI has a very flexible pricing plan. You can subscribe for as low as $5.99 a month or $0.15 per image for 40 images. Of course, the price per image gets more affordable when you purchase more credits. To give you an idea, paying for 500 images will set you back at only $63.99 a month or $0.13 per image. If you need to edit 5,000 images, it will cost only $359.90 a month or $0.07 per image. This is cheap compared to hiring a new person on the team to do the same job. Also, assigning someone to do only background removal from photos is not only more expensive but also counter-productive.

3. Renderforest.com: helps create professional videos, animations, logos, intros & more

Stunning animations instantly elevate content. Renderforest is what you need if you want to create impressive presentations, mockups, branding assets, or build a professional-quality website.

Why do users love this tool?

Because of its powerful features, Renderforest makes it possible for designers to save time while creating content that can enhance their online presence and boost awareness. It can be used for creating video marketing materials, like video intros, music visualizations, tutorials, animations, and much more. Similarly, you can also use it to design websites for your business.

Aside from its website builder capabilities, Renderforest also ensures that you get to grow your leads by providing you with SEO tools. It allows you to not only create beautiful web pages but also help strengthen your stats to boost your numbers, especially on search engine rankings.

4. Designstripe.com: offers thousands of illustrations

An online illustration library that lets you create remarkable designs in seconds. It is so easy to use that even the non-design folks will have fun creating tons of illustrations and other graphics using its tools.

Why do users love this tool?

When you have thousands of illustrations at your disposal, you will need powerful customization tools to make the designs your own. Designstripe is loaded with simple tools to create beautiful compositions that you can customize. You can add your brand colors, create a new color palette, or swap objects and other elements to make the design as branded as you want it to be.
At only $20 a month, you can get full access to all illustration styles, full scene customization features, and unlimited downloads.

5. Drawkit.com: has tools that help you create stunning visuals

Created as a resource for designers, developers, and other creatives, Drawkit grew into a go-to illustrations library that continuously grows every day.

Why do users love this tool?

New illustrations are added to the collections daily and aside from illustrations, designers also find the animations, modular illustration kits, and premium packs to be helpful with any project they are working on.
Drawkit has a diverse team from 15 countries. This means that it has highly varied content that guarantees to help designers create remarkable designs.
The Pro plan is priced at $79 a year which gives you unlimited access to free Pro content plus early access to new content. Although you have the choice to pay for a yearly subscription, the Pro Lifetime plan at only $295 is highly recommended. It has the same privileges as the pro plan but is better because it gives you lifetime access.

6. Vectr: create stunning vector art and designs.

This free graphic design program is only available as an online tool. It lets you design and edit vector graphics like a pro and without a steep learning curve.

Why do users love this tool?

It has a simple user interface which makes it easy to navigate and work with. This program has both drawing and design tools that are not intimidating to use. There are a lot of trendy fonts, graphics, and effects that let you create all kinds of beautiful vector artwork.
Vectr has collaborative features that allow a whole team to have a real-time view of members who are working on design projects. This is a nice feature to have especially if you have remote team members and you need minimal confusion when working together on the same projects.
Vectr graphics editor is free.

7. Gravit Designer (now Corel Vector): rendering graphics and web designs

Corel Vector is an HTML-based software that has an impressive selection of tools to create quality graphics.

Why do users love this tool?

This app has an excellent user interface that is easy to use with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. It has a bunch of effects to enhance designs.
Corel Vector supports multiple platforms and has knife and tool support if you want a non-destructive Boolean option.
The Pro plan starts at $48.79 but it also has a free plan which is already useful for those who want to explore the app first.

8. Sketch: responsive design capabilities for Mac users

Specifically made for Mac users, Sketch is a handy design tool to render UX/UI prototypes.

Why do users love this tool?

There are a lot of artboard templates that can be applied for both web and mobile designs. It also has active community support to ensure continuous software enhancement.
It allows custom plugins and has plenty of significant features to create responsive designs for mobile platforms.
It is very affordable to have Sketch at only $9 per month.

9. Affinity Designer: produce beautiful creatives for both online and offline use

As a good alternative to Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer users are guaranteed to have brilliant graphic design software to make illustrations with precision.

Why do users love this tool?

Designers find Affinity to be a huge timesaver with its many tools and functions that improve productivity and efficiency. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts, set up grids, save workspaces, and more!
It is a cross-platform tool so you can use it on either Mac or Windows devices. There is even an iPad version that will let you create designs on the go using your iPad device.
A one-time payment of $41 is all you need to shell out to enjoy all of its features.

10. Adobe Photoshop: plenty of features for all types of graphic design projects.

This list of graphic design tools will not be complete without Adobe Photoshop. It is the first photo editing software to dominate the design industry and is still continuously updated for modern designers.

Why do users love this tool?

Photoshop has a comprehensive set of tools and excellent UI. It also had 3D design capabilities and a lot of features for animation and video editing.
Photoshop gives you more value for your money since it can be used in sync with other Adobe products. The Adobe Creative Cloud, for example, lets you manage libraries and photos online. This eliminates the need to carry a lot of stuff around since you can just use any computer to access and edit photos as long as you have internet access.
Since it is a tool that most professionals use, you can expect Adobe Photoshop to be more costly than other tools on this list. It can set you back $31.49 a month for the basic plan that gives you 100GB worth of storage. You may also choose to have the Photography Plan at $19.99 a month for 1TB worth of storage and access to Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. If you want access to all Adobe Creative Clouds apps, the all-apps plan is the most cost-efficient choice at $82.49 per month.


11. Creasquare Creative Studio: all the tools you need to create compelling visual content

Creasquare Creative Studio is an amazing tool that gives users the freedom to create their own digital products. It’s a comprehensive platform designed to make it easier than ever for people to design, develop and monetize their ideas. From graphics and logos to web designs and applications, Creasquare has all the tools necessary to help users take their projects to the next level.

Why do users love this tool?

What makes Creasquare stand out from other creative tools is its focus on user experience and ease of use. With straightforward drag-and-drop features, users can quickly build digital products without needing to learn complex coding languages. They also get access to a library of pre-made templates and assets to make their design process even faster.
What really sets Creasquare apart, however, is its customer support and community of creators. They offer 24/7 technical assistance, so users can always get help when they need it. In addition, the community provides a great place for users to collaborate with each other and share ideas.
By providing a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, Creasquare has become the go-to choice for people who want to create beautiful digital products. With its user-friendly interface and helpful customer support, it’s no wonder why so many users love this tool! If you’re looking for an easy way to bring your ideas to life, then Creasquare Creative Studio is the perfect place to start.

What Graphic Design Tools Would You Recommend?

It is an indescribable feeling to express your creative freedom without limits. Since the field of design encompasses a wide range of uses, it is only reasonable that artists also go with the times and be armed with the best graphic design tools they need to create excellent designs.

Powerful graphic design programs are handy to create and edit graphic art. The graphic design tool list above is what designers use to bring their ideas to life. Investing in such tools will not only elevate the designs but also improve the efficiency and agility that a designer needs to cope with the rising demand for digital graphic design across industries.
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